"Breathe deep, fly high, seek peace"

"Breathe deep, fly high, seek peace"

-Skybax rider motto

Sunday, 4 March 2012

New courtyard plantings

courtyard gardens are now planted out with succulents, in this photo there's two sedums, a kalanchoe & echeveria big red.
Echeveria pink frills about to flower, aeonium chocolate rose, kalanchoe, sedum variagated, and aeonium variagata up the back.A couple of aloes, echeveria black prince, echeveria mexican giant,  aeomium short black, sedeveria darley dale, some sedums & kalanchoesAloe striata coral, echeveria white rose, echeveria frosty, echeveria set oliver, unknown small echeveria, sedum gold mound & tall unknown kalanchoe.Echeveria perle von nuremburg, sedums & kalanchoe, most of which I dont know names as they were cuttings & babies I have accumulated, once they all grow & flower maybe I'll be able to figure out what they are.  I ended up reasonably full & now I just have to wait for them to fill in the spaces.