"Breathe deep, fly high, seek peace"

"Breathe deep, fly high, seek peace"

-Skybax rider motto

Monday, 27 July 2015

New Plants

Dad gave me some plants he had been nurturing for quite some time, a little pot bound & in need of planting out, I am very happy to oblige as I desperately need to fill some gaps.

Chamelaucium uncinatum purple pride aka Geraldton wax.  Endemic to Western Australia, its almost mandatory to have a geraldton wax in the garden somewhere, they are so gorgeous when grown & in full bloom, beautiful flowers for the vase & so hardy once established.  
Chamelaucium unicinatum
There he is looking a little forlorn but natives are fast growers & this time next year it will be at least double this size.  In this picture also I have an Alogyne, Acacia, Conostylis, Hebe & Luecadendron.  Front western corner next to footpath.
Mum was a little reluctant to part with this pretty Leptospermum scorparian, Ashburton wax aka New Zealand tea tree, but it grows to 2m in height & they have no room left in their garden, so lucky me!
The tea tree is also planted in the front garden, but closer to the house.  I wanted to get them in quickly as we are expecting some rain tomorrow, hopefully it will go east as well.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Glorious rain!

For the month of July we have had 100 beautiful mils of rain, my little tank is full & I need a tap put on it so I can access the goods.
Maidenhair is quite suprisingly looking vibrant, Im sure she is usually at her peak in summer, may shes going to peak twice this year!
Time to put this cordyline in the ground, just deciding where is the issue at the moment.
I purchased one pot of tropicanna black, belted it into 4 bits & now have 4 for the price of one, just hope they all survive.
Planted not far from the canna's is one of my all time favourite daisy's, Brachyscombe lilac sunrise, a new release this year & so pretty.
Brachyscombe Lilac Sunrise
A little dwarf chrysanthemum bought from Big W, the colour of the flower complementing the euphorbia stalk perfectly.

See I did get some clay content in my Gin Gin loam, gosh wouldnt it be awful if there was too much, from one extreme to another.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015


Not much going on in this July garden in the flower department.
Ageratum Houstonianum - Perennial ageratum

The gorgeous fluffy flowers of the Ageratum

My trusty little euphorbia has not stopped flowering since I got it!
Euphorbia Lipstick
Last legs!
So disappointed with this aloe, hopefully as it gets older its flowers will have more substance.
Aloe winter Bells


Bacopa gulliver


Not sure which thryptomene this is, its a cutting from Dad's garden.

Thats it from my winter garden, there are lots of summer ones over at

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Teeny Tiny Box

Buxus Microphylla - Japonica
an evergreen shrub grown for its rounded tight shape, with small dark green foliage, makes an excellent low hedge, so say the the tag.
grows to a height of 60cm by the same width.
I have planted it at the junction of paving, Left hand side done by moi, right hand side  laid ever so neatly & precisely by Skybax 2.  I have been politely asked if I am thinking of re doing my side!!!
Anyway the idea is that this little guy will grow to encompass that area as an orb, which is something to look forward to, hopefully he's not a slow grower.
Full view of paving with a little of one vegie garden at the edge.  Plants are the box of course, Aloe - bush baby yellow, Ageratum Houstonianum, Bracteantha - Mohave white & Hibiscus - Aussie Pink
Perth has had a nice lot of rain for July, but precious little went over the scarp to the wheatbelt unfortunately. Our crops are feeling very thirsty.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Front Garden

My Red Flowering Gum, which is going to have orange flowers has some wonderful new growth
Corymbia Ficifolia
This plant was in the letter box planter when we bought the house, there were two of them, but one has died, not sure what it is, maybe a syzygium, but not sure, looks like it has responded to my pruning though.  I have planted it in the front garden just to the right of the red flowering gum.

Also out front, quite close to the verge I planted this silver trim agave, the ticket says grows to 1m so a bit smaller than the normal agave.
Agave Silver Trim
Just next to the agave I popped in a Duranta stentostachya - sheena's minigold, which only grows to 60cm high by 60cm wide. The gorgeous yellow foliage should contrast nicely with the hebe & alternanthera I have planted close by.

Duranta Stenostacha - Sheena's minigold
Rather a pathetic looking little Acacia limelight, but I like to buy my plants as small as I can because I feel they do better in the long run, or is it that Im just to stingy to pay for bigger ones!
Acacia Cognata - Limelight
Low view across front door garden towards front door!
Alternanthera ruby something?, salvia love & wishes

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Fitzy side garden

Ive called this garden border my Fitzy Side Garden as my neighbours are the Fitzgeralds & that made sense to me!  In here are two gorgeous rocks!! Hahahaha, no seriously I have planted an acacia, euphorbia, Leucadendron, scaevola & salvia, not that you can really tell any of that at the moment.
But you can see some of the paving of my little path which Im quite pleased with.
Below is the other part of the border, here we have cordyline, alstoemeria,  osteospermum, pittosporum, aloe, & agapanthus.
We have had a lovely drop of rain, 20mls on top of these little lovely's which should settle them in nicely.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Corner Wall Garden

Three strappy leaf plants, I have popped in the corner wall garden
Beautiful chocolate leaves on this Cordyline Electric Star, clumping variety which grows to 1.5m by 1m wide.

Yucca Silver Star, slow grower to 9m

and Cordyline Burgundy Spire, a tough low water usage plant growing to 4m High by 1m wide

This garden is out front & in winter is fully shaded, but gets hot summer sun, so hopefully these plants can handle that when it comes

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Back Fence Border

We drove to the farm on Monday & picked up a trailer load of sheep poo!  It is glorious, broken down nicely & mixed with barley straw, so hopefully the plants are grateful.

The back fence border is complete for the moment. In the top picture (left hand side) I have planted two different native hibiscus, magnolia, iris, purple fountain grass, agapanthus, easter lillie, podalyria sericea, scaevola, shasta daisy,penstemon, & aloe bush baby yellow.

To the right of the golden cane palm I have planted more iris, aloe fairy pink, Nepata six hills giant, Phygelius aequalis yellow trumpet, more penstemon, aquilegia, patersonia native iris, Papaver ruprifragum tangerine gem, Buddleja davidii royal red & Euphorbia characias, oh & the skinny little trunk of my Bauhinia tree.

My one & only flower at the moment - Dianthus

Bearded iris I received from my mother inlaw.
So all looking rather pathetic, but with the onset of spring they should all fill out nicely.