"Breathe deep, fly high, seek peace"

"Breathe deep, fly high, seek peace"

-Skybax rider motto

Monday, 15 June 2015

Not much flowering in my garden at present, probably because its winter, but most likely because there isn't any garden at present.
but I do love this african daisy hybrid, osteospermum voltage, I took a cutting from my Northam garden, & I must take more before it gets too old
Osteospermum Voltage
This half opened bud on a new native hibiscus hybrid is such a gorgeous shade of pink. It is still in the pot but will grow to 80cm high by 70cm wide. the label says it flowers from spring to autumn, its winter here & it is still going so that's a bonus.
Hibiscus geranioides "Fanny"
I have had this cyclamon a couple of months now & by some miracle I haven't killed it, which is what I usually do to these plants (touch wood), trying very hard to only water when almost dry, maybe thats the key!
I have been lusting after a Euphorbia crown of thorns for many years, but never purchased one as the vicious thorns always put me off.  But this lovely little lipstick is just the ticket, it still has thorns but no where near as nasty as its parent plant, love this shade, such an appropriate name.
Euphorbia "lipstick"
thats it for my blooms for GBBD, more at May Dreams


  1. It is wonderful how we can see blooms form all over the world for Bloom Day. You have some wonderful blooms for winter! Thanks for stopping by a A Guide to Northeastern Gardening!

    1. Thankyou Lee, I also love seeing whats in bloom in other parts of the world!