"Breathe deep, fly high, seek peace"

"Breathe deep, fly high, seek peace"

-Skybax rider motto

Friday, 24 February 2012

Poos Aint Poos!

I have been working my butt off the last couple of weeks in the garden in an endeavour to fertilise & mulch before we get some autumn rain (hopefully)The front driveway garden has been tidied up & a few things ripped out - two dwarf date palms, which had become very un dwarf like, shata daisies (too much shade) and heaps of self sown seaside daisy (erigeron). One new plant in this view - crassula ovata (Jade), we will see how this goes there!
There are two remaining of the nasty dwarf dates & a better view of the jade, which was a cutting from a garden round the block.  The date palms actually have a lovely tropical look & are extremely robust, but they can kill in a single stabbing with the deadly skewers that grow on the leaf branches.
A lovely cordyline electric pink doing very well & a cordyline peko up against the fence, this one is in full shade all year round.  Ajuga varieagata, gerbera & lots of seaside daisy. Oh & up the back in the shade are my clivea.

 This looks a little sad atm, but its very early days, Cordyline at front & in amonst the broken pot (I had to break it to get it out) against the pole is clematis montana, dont know much about this plant, purchased at an open garden last year, so will live in hope of success.

My first succulent planted in front driveway garden - Aeonium short black. love the look of this one, hope he grows strongly.  Being a lover of Australian natives, I find myself in a bit of a quandary, I need to add poo & compost to the soil to save & store some moisture in order for my plants to grow, but a lot of the natives dont like the added stuff & keel over, but they also struggle in the sands total lack of ability to retain moisture.  I have killed mainly grevilleas & banksias, so may have to stear clear of them, anyway I added sheep manure from poos aint poos & also their own special soil conditioner with a topping of sugar cane mulch, will mulch with a darker mulch once Ive finished planting.

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