"Breathe deep, fly high, seek peace"

"Breathe deep, fly high, seek peace"

-Skybax rider motto

Monday, 13 February 2012

"Reeking havoc"

aaargh...............................scream, a few sobs, lots of back patting & then the brave smiles.
Unfortunately our sale fell through & we are now staying put for the time being.  After being very dissapointed, I have now reconciled myself to it & am getting on with things.
CP has been offered a job flying the water bombers for next summers fire season which will mean he can come home every night, so at least thats one thing.

Today the tree surgeon boys are creating havoc & chaos in the front garden, there are 5 of them & about 3 chain saws & a massive mulcher all going at once, Ive come inside before something drops on my head.  Going is the large date palm, 2 dwarf date palms, rubber trees (I think), travellers palms, bamboo & a sysigium hedge.  I wanted them gone as they had become too large for the area, the rats were breeding there & the bamboo & hedge was riddled with scale.  So thats my project for now to recreate my front garden into something I like & not something Ive inherited.
I am going to try and improve the soil as much as I can first, while its still summer, so I can get into the planting come autumn, my soil is basically beach sand so needs huge amounts of compost, humus etc.

This is my courtyard where I had the scale infested hedges, now I just need S2 to dig out the roots & I can get it ready for planting, I think I will create my little succulent garden here.

Theres the date palm stump in the centre, what a shocker of a plant to put on a small suburban block, those brutes need room to move!


  1. After the anticipation of thinking you were about to move you must have been devastated!! I'm glad you are moving on and finding a project to keep you busy, it will look lovely once you have it done. Cross fingers all the new plantings will entice someone to buy!!!!

  2. How fun! Do have these great area's to plant! I (of course) would go crazy with succulents. Can't wait to see what you do.

  3. Thanx guys, not sure what Im doing yet, but probably a fair amount of succulents will go in.

  4. Yeah I can't wait to see! Lot's of Aloe's would be good. And I am sorry to hear about your sale not going through!