"Breathe deep, fly high, seek peace"

"Breathe deep, fly high, seek peace"

-Skybax rider motto

Thursday, 15 November 2012

My first Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

Russelia equisetiformis (coral plant) & gazania

Well, I have to remember what to do, but have looked at all the other bloggers who post & although their flowers look better (different to mine) Im going to give it a go!
Tibouchina "Jazzy" is now looking heathy after a dose of iron chelates (thanks Dad!)
Brachyscombe, "Pacific Reef"

Another Brachyscombe "Mauve Mist"
The last of the pansies & the start of the ever invasive evening primrose.
Mandevilla "aloha red"

Ozothamnus diotophyllus - Yellow rice flower "Gold dust" (an Australian native)
Chrysocephalum is still going strong & will last all summer long.
Trailing Geranium - Meckering (my name for it)



  1. This might be of interest to you
    A NEW site for Gardening Bloggers.

  2. Hi Becc, I'm glad you posted for Bloom Day. I enjoyed seeing all of your lovely brightly colored flowers. Your Russelia seems to be doing quite well. The one I planted last year did not make it through the few frosty nights that we had. I especially like your mandevilla, another plant that simply will not survive the winter here, at least in my yard! Happy Bloom Day!

  3. He descubierto tu blog y me ha gustado su contenido, desde hoy lo sigo. Si lo deseas te invito a visitar mi blog By Nela y si es de tu agrado me gustaria tenerte como seguidora y asi seguir en contacto.
    Un saludo muy cariñoso.

  4. Happy GBBD, welcome to this worldwide group of bloggers. It isn't about what's best but sharing what you have. Your flowers are lovely, strong colours as one would expect with the strong light conditions you have. You are very welcome to join GB Foliage Day on the 22nd, just write a post about the foliage in your garden and leave a link with your comment. Christina

  5. Great photos of the flowers in this posting. Liked very much.