"Breathe deep, fly high, seek peace"

"Breathe deep, fly high, seek peace"

-Skybax rider motto

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

"One kind word can warm three winter months"

(Japanese Proverb)
Hakea francisiana 
"Joining in with favourite plant in my garden this week" from Danger Garden , although mine won't be weekly as just like with garden bloggers bloom day I am incredibly unreliable.
But any way this hakea is a little beauty, although I do wish it wasn't so shy with its flowers as they are outstanding.  It's about 3m high by 1.5m wide, extremely drought tolerant & indigenous to 

Western Australia.
The flowers are produced on old wood & so are well hidden in the branches, which of course is a winner with the birds.  I just love it as the flower suddenly appears in all its glory from avery unassuming little tree.


  1. Oh Becc you're killing me!!! I love anything in the Protea family and this looks to be a good one. Thank you for commenting on my blog with the link to your post and please continue to post fav plants whenever you can because it's unusual plants like this that I really love!

  2. What a strange, exotic flower, and such a bright red! It almost looks like someone knitted it.

  3. Hi Becc! Thanks for visiting my blog!!! These flowers make me think of aloes in bloom! Very cool, and very beautiful. I love the unusual!!!
    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  4. That is a really neat flower! It's a pretty big shrub too? I can see where the birds would indeed enjoy it!

  5. Oh my goodness, what an amazing flower. My neighbor has a Hakea but it doesn't bloom like that! Wow!