"Breathe deep, fly high, seek peace"

"Breathe deep, fly high, seek peace"

-Skybax rider motto

Thursday, 29 August 2013

First few flowers of the season

Aloe mountain gem
Only a few days of winter left & my garden is starting to show a bit of movement.
For such a little guy, this aloe is such a show off.

Grevillea Goldfever
Grevillea goldfever is a low spreading shrub that is supposed to flower all year round, it will grow approx. 30cm high & spread about 1.5m.  He's very small at the moment, but hopefully he will spread out nicely near the rocks in the garden that Jack built! 
Anigozanthos Bush Tenacity
 Great colours in this little kangaroo paw, which is part of the bush gems range, he wont get very big, only about 60cm high.

Anigozanthos viridis
This green kangaroo paw has thinner, more grass like leaves, its a little bit fussy so we will see how we go.


  1. What a fantastic aloe and bloom!!! WOWZERS! So stately all on it's own!!!

  2. That aloe is to die for. I've just added it to my must-have list!