"Breathe deep, fly high, seek peace"

"Breathe deep, fly high, seek peace"

-Skybax rider motto

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Teeny Tiny Box

Buxus Microphylla - Japonica
an evergreen shrub grown for its rounded tight shape, with small dark green foliage, makes an excellent low hedge, so say the the tag.
grows to a height of 60cm by the same width.
I have planted it at the junction of paving, Left hand side done by moi, right hand side  laid ever so neatly & precisely by Skybax 2.  I have been politely asked if I am thinking of re doing my side!!!
Anyway the idea is that this little guy will grow to encompass that area as an orb, which is something to look forward to, hopefully he's not a slow grower.
Full view of paving with a little of one vegie garden at the edge.  Plants are the box of course, Aloe - bush baby yellow, Ageratum Houstonianum, Bracteantha - Mohave white & Hibiscus - Aussie Pink
Perth has had a nice lot of rain for July, but precious little went over the scarp to the wheatbelt unfortunately. Our crops are feeling very thirsty.


  1. Bec,
    The “Buxus” is a wonderful choice for the planting at the intersection of the two walkways. I will be most interested in seeing and keeping up with it progress. – G

  2. Buxus microphylla starts off slowly but eventually it grows like mad.

    Your side of the paving resembles my style. I like it.

    You asked about cannas for in front of your wall. The darker leaves take the most heat. All will need plenty of water to thrive in full sun.

    1. Thankyou Jean, I think I will give the cannas a go, I cant seem to come up with anything else. thanks for the paving like, I get into so much trouble from my perfectionist husband!