"Breathe deep, fly high, seek peace"

"Breathe deep, fly high, seek peace"

-Skybax rider motto

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Front Garden

My Red Flowering Gum, which is going to have orange flowers has some wonderful new growth
Corymbia Ficifolia
This plant was in the letter box planter when we bought the house, there were two of them, but one has died, not sure what it is, maybe a syzygium, but not sure, looks like it has responded to my pruning though.  I have planted it in the front garden just to the right of the red flowering gum.

Also out front, quite close to the verge I planted this silver trim agave, the ticket says grows to 1m so a bit smaller than the normal agave.
Agave Silver Trim
Just next to the agave I popped in a Duranta stentostachya - sheena's minigold, which only grows to 60cm high by 60cm wide. The gorgeous yellow foliage should contrast nicely with the hebe & alternanthera I have planted close by.

Duranta Stenostacha - Sheena's minigold
Rather a pathetic looking little Acacia limelight, but I like to buy my plants as small as I can because I feel they do better in the long run, or is it that Im just to stingy to pay for bigger ones!
Acacia Cognata - Limelight
Low view across front door garden towards front door!
Alternanthera ruby something?, salvia love & wishes


  1. Bec,
    It is all looking wonderful! And I am in agreement with you on the smaller plants. For me they require less water initially, and (I think) their roots are in a more grow/spread stage then larger plants that have become root bound and need extra coaching to begin growing again. – G

    1. Yes you are quite right Gary, its just frustratingly slow when all I want is the healthy lush look!

  2. Those look really lovely indeed. Greetings!